Guide On School Information Management Software

According to international research, good management in schools and colleges can increase the quality of teaching and also increases student performance.

Smart management of schools and colleges can achieve through recording, managing, and processing student information. To manage all the data for thousands of student is time-consuming and hectic for teachers and, school administrators.

With the advent of new technologies, automated software becomes easy to manage and can retrieve information for students. Parents and teachers can communicate on a daily basis about the child progress and their behavior in a school. Smart School Management Software can access by students, parents, and teachers from outside schools. A software application can access through smart-phones and such systems are secure and prevent unauthorized access.

School Management Software has multiple modules; each module is responsible for managing different activities of students and teachers.

School Management Software Modules

School Management Software manage student and teachers data in multiple modules. Each School Management Modules can record and manage different information of student and teachers.


Admission Management

Student admission management is the first step of any school management system. Such modules can record all the information of students including student personal information along with their previous school details. The software can show registration information of students for each academic year for each and every grade, and also shows availability of seats for each and every class.

Fees Management

Fees management module can record student pre-paid fees, It shows the name and contact number of Students who are behind the due date of paying school fees. Smart school ERP software can send a reminder before the due date. When student pay fees then software can generate a receipt and send automatic notification through text messages and through emails. Such software can collect student fees through various online payment systems as well as through offline payment system.

Library Management

Library Management is a very huge task for any librarians in a school or colleges. To store and manage data for each and every book require lots of efforts. To issues books to students and track information about that student along with books and maintain their due date require an automated system. School Management Software can give a reminder to the student before few days of the due date. The software can calculate late fees in case of student fail to submit the book on time. Good library management software must provide accurate information from the database.

Attendance Management

Attendance Management for Students and teachers is mandatory for any school and colleges. With the help of attendance management software, teachers can take student information and store in the school database. If any student remains absentee for few consecutive days then automated alert message send to their parents mobile. School ERP Software can calculate student presence in percentage. By end of the semester, the school administrator can generate a report for each student.

Attendance Management for Teachers can record and manage information for teachers leave during the semester. The school administrator can assign salary on the basis of teachers present days in a month. The software can also calculate paid leaves for teachers and administrator can adjust salary for teachers accordingly.

Health Management

Health management software can record all the details of each and every student with their health issues. If the student has any health issues then in case of emergency teachers can check their records and contact doctors. It also helps doctors in order to provide treatments to the students on the basis of student health issues. Health management software can record student height, weight, eyesight etc..If any students avail medical facilities during school premises then system records information for that student and the treatment provided by doctors.

Hostel Management

Hostel Management Software can record and manage student personal information and their academic information, Software can also record student information with allocated rooms and name and information of warden who are in-charge for that building. The software can also record in-time and out-time of each and every student. The system also records visitors name and their personal information. Hostel Management Software can also manage data of allocated rooms and vacant rooms and room charge for associated rooms.

Activity Management

Student Activity Management System can enroll students and, manage all the extracurricular activities of the student with he or she associated with. The software can record and manage participation of students in activities like sports, music competition, drawing competition, social activities and, annual events. At end of the semester, the school administrator can evaluate student involvement in different competition and social work. Activity Management Software can also send the reminder to students for upcoming events.

Transportation Management

Transport Management Software can record and manage vehicle information, System can assign different buses to the different route for the journey. Effective transportation management can reduce cost and enhance efficiency. All the buses must be equipped with a GPS Tracking System so that a school administrator can identify location each and every bus. School Administrator can manage the bus route and save money from extra fuel charge. With the help of the transport management system, parents can also check their bus route and identifies within how much time a bus will reach their destination.

Time Table Management

Time Table Management software can eliminate chaos and allow a school administrator to assign faculties for different classes for different lectures. With the help of timetable management software school administrator can make and manage student academic timetable efficiently. It helps to design a proper schedule and assign faculties as per their availability. In case any faculty is absent then software can show ideal faculties name and phone number so that administrator can contact them for a proxy lecture.

Examination Management

School Examination Management Software allows a school administrator to conduct an online and offline examination. The school administrator can conduct various types of exams like entrance exams, mid-semester exams, semester end exams and annual exams. The software can allow the student to enter an exam if he or she passed previous years exams. Examination management software can calculate the grade for each student for each subject. The software also calculates overall grade for the student’s performance and generate a report card.

Certificate Management

Certificate management software can record and manage certificate for students and teachers. The software can generate Student Bonafide Certificate, Student Migration Certificate, Student School Leaving Certificate, First Trial Certificate, Transfer Certificate, Transcript, and Character Certificate. The software can also maintain track record for issuing a certificate to each and every individual.