School Information Management System

Privacy Protection

In compliance with all federal and state privacy laws, School Information Management System make sure that we will handle all your all data responsibly. Our own strict Privacy and Policy, School Management System give you with a 100% guarantee that we are handling all your personal information with the absolute care.

User Information and its Security

School Information Management System In Ahmedabad maintains a full transparency policy. Whenever we ask you for your personal details, we make sure that we keep it safe and clarify exactly what we intend to do with it and why we need it in the aboriginal place.

Trust-based Relationship Earning

As we strive to build a relationship with you, we understand that trust is the foundation of any long – lasting relation. With all our services, plans and advice, we strive to give you the best so that your trust in us only grows with every interaction. For any queries or concerns, we can easily be contacted by you at any time.

Details You Share

Many of our services will help you to share information with others. Remember that, when you share your words publicly, it may be added by search engines, including School Management System. Our services offer you with assorted options for removing your contents, sharing, and modifications in it. The information will always be shared on by your permission and will be controlled by us on our website.

Using and Correcting Your Details

Gathering personal information properly safe and the update is very important. Inaccurate details could impact our performance to deliver appropriate services to you. Please let us know about any updations that may be needed for your personal information using the “contact us” advantage of our URL.

Contact us

For further inquiries, complaints, and feedback regarding our Privacy Policy and other related to our site and services, then Please email us at –