Activity Management

Activity Management System For Schools In Vadodara, Surat, Ahmedabad – Gujarat, India

Activity Management System would be able to mark the timings of your summer vacations, winter vacations, long holidays or any other important and sudden changes. Also, this can be easily downloaded in pdf formats online, thus helping the parents and students to always be in the loop about the latest changes and keeping them updated.

This further is a blessing for the school as well as the parents because there is no lagging in updating of information, no unnecessary phone calls to the institution and also instant updation on the details keeping everyone happy.

You can even set important upcoming events and activities in your calendar that would further help you to keep your year managed and also updated. This helps your school to stand above the rest.

Even reminders can be set which would help to organize the committee, school authorities etc to help plan everything in time especially when it comes to events like annual sports day, annual celebration day, teachers day or any other important function. You can even set reminders for parents teacher meeting and also send notification text messages to their phones and remind the same.

Our Android app ensures a hassle-free use of all the features in our software. Enrolment facility is one such option. You can customize your schedule and help in easing the plan for your school.

Change multiple or any number of settings and also personalize your calendar which makes your school famous for its organizational skills. School Management Software now available in cities like Vadodara, Surat, Ahmedabad and other cities of Gujarat and India.

For each holiday like a national holiday, vacation, the number of tests etc you can color code accordingly which will be easy to recognize. Color coding and tabulation with classification are totally left to your personal choices which will suit your school’s requirements.

Color coding each important school function, unit tests, half yearly and end term exams, holidays etc helps in easy recognition and managing the details with precision.

With the School Management Software, all this becomes furthermore easier. With the linking of software and all of its features to the app, it helps in easy, on the go performance for saving your time. With our software and app provide, managing even the most critical parts of school management has just gotten easier.