Library Management

Library Management System

Library Management System helps manage the number of books taken by a student, the name of the books and date of issuing. All these details help you in keeping all the library’s book stock safe.

Each book can be given a unique book number which can be fed into the database, which can keep a track on the books. Not just that, according to the book number, it even becomes easy for you to keep all the similar books in one place.

For example, all your stock of history books can be found in one shelf, this will help the students and staff track down the books easier than ever.

Keeping a book record can be the toughest thing to do in the library especially when the numbers are large. With School System Management, you can easily maintain a neat and correct record of the number of books taken by a student or staff and also make sure that each student’s or staff’s book number does not exceed.

The return date and issue date can be matched to the book and also amount can be fined for an exceeding limit on the number of days on the book. School System Management ensures to keep your library in a proper condition with regard to the books.

As there are many things to worry about in the maintenance of a library, we take off a great deal of burden in the areas mentioned above. School Library Management System available for all the major cities of Gujarat like in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Valsad, Rajkot, etc.. The perfect all in one management software for educational Institutions, Schools and, Colleges of INDIA, because as far as it goes – “One is enough.”