Timetable Management

Time Table Management System In Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat

Some of our features in the Time Table Management System include alerts on exceeding subject limits. These are very important to maintain a well-balanced study to time ratio. A child according to his/her grade should be limited to a few numbers of subjects.

This helps keep the ratio perfectly balanced and helps in better productivity. To ensure this, a limit of the subject is placed on the student’s curriculum and according to that, a well-maintained timetable can be created that helps in the growth of each student’s brain health.

As advanced as our School ERP Software goes, it even helps in alerts to remind of teacher vacancy for each subject in each grade. This saves up a lot of work time for the management of the school and you just have to refer to the software to look up for a vacancy.

We design an online portal that students and teachers can use alike. They can sign in to their personal accounts and refer to their personal timetable. According to the grade, the number of subjects and teachers for each particular subject, the timetable is created for each student. They can just sign in and check their timetable on the go.

Now teachers don’t have to maintain the old-fashioned timetable book anymore. They can simply open up the online portal or on the android app and check their timetable according to the timings.

Having a well-organized system in your school helps in a proper workflow and no hassle in the work environment. With the important features like marking attendance online, School System Management has made things easier for generations to come.

The Time Table feature also comes in color code, so it is easy to mark and categorize according to the absentees and the total number of students. We aim at making your workspace in schools and institutions in major cities like Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot and other parts of Gujarat, and India to be smooth and productive within the frame of time.